Eagle Ambulance is a locally owned and family run business . Our founders live right in the areas that Eagle serves! Eagle is a forward leaning, innovative company leveraging technology to provide the future in mobile healthcare today.

At Eagle Ambulance our patients and their safety are always our #1 Priority. Their needs are ALWAYS at the center of all of our decisions. Our systems of care are designed from their perspective to maximize their safety and experience.


Our founders bring 35+ years of in-hospital ED leadership/nursing and 25+ years of Ambulance operations, 911 ground and Flight ops.

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Peter Squellati, Chief Operating Officer, has been a Bay Area Resident for the past 12 years. He started off his EMS career as an Emergency Medical Technician for a private ambulance company in Michigan. After moving to California to further his education and career in EMS, he became a Paramedic. He worked as a Paramedic for a private ambulance company before transitioning to flight, where he worked on a fixed-wing aircraft. Over the course of the next few years Peter also dedicated his spare time as an instructor, helping mold the next wave of EMS professionals.
Through the natural progression of his career, Peter accepted a position leading one of the Bay Area’s largest non-emergency providers. During this period, he dedicated his time to learning every facet of EMS, including permitting processes, logistics, finance, operations, business development, QA/QI, fleet maintenance, contracting, team engagement and EMS education. Peter has a proven track record for cultivating relationships with staff and clients, as well as driving operational efficiency and growth through technology and data analytics.

After 10+ years serving the local communities, Peter decided to use his past experiences to establish a new ambulance service while partnering with a local allied health school, Project Heartbeat. This new ambulance service would become Eagle Ambulance, which services the greater Bay Area. Peter has dedicated his life to the betterment of all and with his expertise and work ethic, Peter is determined to establish Eagle Ambulance as the leader in ambulance transportation across the Bay Area.

President & Co-Founder

Josh Burke is an Oakland native and has loved the Bay Area all his life for its diversity and possibilities. Growing up a product of Oakland public schools convinced him that our diversity makes us stronger and shaped his views on the need for inclusion and acceptance.

After overcoming a traumatic childhood car accident, he felt a calling to help those around him. He started his career in healthcare in 1992 with an EMT and a swift water rescue certification. These proved their utility early, paving the way to becoming a professional whitewater guide and backpacking leader. He soon realized that he wanted to do more to directly care for the people of Oakland and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Nursing with honors. Over the past two decades, Josh worked at Highland Trauma Center, and Kaiser Walnut Creek and Kaiser Oakland Emergency Departments.

For the past sixteen years he has been a dynamic leader and educator at Kaiser Oakland ED. During which time he helped solve complex issues ranging from: pediatric critical care, the psychiatric health crisis, healthcare access and equity, EMS/ED integration, computerized charting and even the Ebola crisis. Being part of the leadership group at Kaiser Oakland ED inspired him to always seek out the highest quality patient-focused solutions to problems in the dynamic healthcare environment. Despite enjoying the myriad continuous quality improvement efforts and working to help Kaiser be the #1 quality leader in the Bay Area, his greatest joy while working at Kaiser Oakland ED was running the New Grad Training programs for nearly a decade. Shaping and molding the RNs of tomorrow became a passion and a means to extend his reach in caring for more patients.

During his tenure in the ED he realized that he could save more lives through education and partnered with Allan Bulda RN, MSN to grow Project Heartbeat an American Heart Association Training Center into one of the Bay Area’s leading Health Career Academies. After the very successful launch of their EMT Academy, he saw an opportunity to not only train the next generation of EMTs but also to employ and assist them in their career paths. This lead to the creation of Eagle Ambulance. Josh is leveraging his proven performance in healthcare operations, continuous quality improvement and education to ensure that Eagle Ambulance becomes a quality leader in EMS in the Bay Area.

He has an amazing wife of 21 years and two energetic and lively children whom he enjoys spending his free time with hiking, cooking and doing all things outdoors.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
–Nelson Mandela

Director of Communications and Billing & Co-Founder

Ashley Squellati, Director of Communications and Billing, is a native Bay Area resident who has dedicated her life to EMS and helping people within the community. She started her career in Emergency Services over 15 years ago as a dispatcher for a private ambulance company in Marin County. Subsequently she moved on to a second ambulance company located in the East Bay and went on to manage their Communications/Dispatch Center for almost 10 years. During that time she helped develop many of the Company’s training, operational protocols, quality assurance programs and compliance programs. Also during this time she made it her personal goal to learn the ins and outs of EMS and private ambulance services, to include, billing practices, permitting processes, QA/QI, logistics, finance, business development and analytics. She maintained a successful career and helped propel them into becoming one of the more sizeable ambulance companies in the Bay Area and assisted them in developing a professional relationship with one of the most prestigious healthcare systems in California.

Ultimately, as part of her natural progression she decided to embark on a new journey and teamed up with the leaders of Project Heartbeat, a paramount school for allied health services in Oakland, Ca., to develop and establish a new first-rate ambulance service for the Greater Bay Area – Eagle Ambulance. Ashley is devoted to providing quality services to patients and customers within our communities and is committed to maintaining a healthy and pro-active work environment for all employees. With her expertise and steadfast work ethic she is determined to bring Eagle Ambulance to the forefront of ambulance transportation and become the leading provider in Northern California.

Director of Education & Co-Founder

Allan Bulda started his EMS career in 1996 as an EMT in San Mateo County and then as a CCT Nurse in 2004 in Alameda County. While maintaining his love for EMS by working in the field, Allan also founded Project Heartbeat, an American Heart Association Training Center in 1996. Together with Eagle Co-owner Josh Burke, Project Heartbeat continued to train over 20,000 students per year in addition to recognizing the growing need for EMTs in the Bay Area. This prompted Allan to expand Project Heartbeat’s vocational training offerings to include EMT and Phlebotomy programs (and a Paramedic Program coming soon!). The collaboration between Eagle Ambulance and Project Heartbeat’s EMT academy gave the opportunity to assist numerous EMT graduates with quality EMS experience that will advance their careers in EMS, Fire, Nursing, PA, Medicine and beyond.

While progressing his career in EMS education, Allan started his hospital experience as an Emergency Department Technician and also fulfilled a 15 year career at Kaiser Permanente working as an Emergency Dept RN at Kaiser Oakland where he again teamed up with Josh Burke as Clinical Nurse Educators for the Kaiser Oakland and Richmond Emergency Departments. Together, they worked on countless quality improvement projects while always maintaining their love for education by conducting multiple RN new grad training programs throughout their careers.

Allan completed his Bachelors Degree in Health Education in 1999 and his Master’s in Nursing in 2003, both from San Francisco State University were he also worked as an instructor/lecturer for the SFSU Nursing Program for 4 years. His interests included camping, snowboarding, basketball, marathons and travelling the world with his wife and 3 kids.


Eagle Ambulance was created to be an industry leader in patient transport and mobile healthcare. We are dedicated to providing our patients, clients and communities with the highest quality pre-hospital care and medical transportation possible. We embrace a culture of continuous quality and performance assessment and it shows.


Eagle Ambulance’s commitment to excellence in comprehensive patient care and transport focuses on the following main goals and objectives.

  • Compassion: We work to understand the needs of our patients and families and endeavor to treat your family like it is our own.
  • Integrity: We work and lead from a place of honesty, transparency and strong moral principles. Trust is paramount. We do what is right because it is right, each and every time.

  • Professionalism: We embrace the responsibility to maintain the highest standards of mobile healthcare in the industry. From our policies and procedures to our amazing EMTs and RNs, our staff are consummate professionals.

  • Customer Service: We strive to be number one in customer service at all times with on-time service, world-class care, and the quality healthcare professionals.

  • Training: Medicine is always changing. We work hard when we’re not on the ambulance to ensure that all our clinical staff are trained and prepared for the rigors of life in EMS.  Our clinical staff are encouraged to learn every day and reflect on their practice. Our training staff utilize simulation, online learning and good old hands-on learning make sure our teams are at their best when our patients need them.