Eagle Ambulance provides Basic Life Support (BLS) Transport, Critical Care Transport (CCT) and Special Event coverage. We currently serve Alameda, Contra Costa and San Mateo Counties

Basic Life Support (BLS) Transport

Our state of the art Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are fully equipped and staffed by two California certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Our EMTs undergo rigorous training and on-boarding and are fully certified to work in their counties of operation. In addition they are all mentored by seasoned EMTs during their clinical orientation. We at Eagle ambulance believe that our basic life support isn’t so basic and that our fantastic, compassionate and patient centered EMTs make the difference.

CCT Transportation Services

When specialists or life-saving therapies are not available where a critically ill patient is being treated, Critical Care Transport (CCT) is required. Our state of the art CCT-RN ambulances are equipped with the newest tech available to truly create a mobile intensive care unit experience for our patients. They are staffed with a Critical Care RN and two experienced EMTs. Our CCT-RN ambulances have the capacity to maintain mechanically assisted ventilation, pressure support and monitoring as well as continuous cardiac monitoring and transcutaneous cardiac pacing. When a critically ill patient must be moved, Eagle’s CCT-RN ambulances will lead the way.

Special Event, Community and Stand-By Transport

Special events are loved by all, but ensuring the safety of your patrons should be at the top of your list. Whether a concert, dance or a rodeo let Eagle Ambulance provide standby support with our trained EMTs and ambulances. Knowing that your event is staffed by a team of Eagle EMTs will put your patrons’ minds at ease and allow them to enjoy the entertainment more. Should you need a special event standby, contact Eagle Ambulance and let us help you provide a safer environment for everyone.